West Bengal Voter List 2024: WB Voter List Pdf Download with Photo, Name Search

West Bengal Voter List:- Voting is the essential procedure by which citizens choose representatives democratically to create policies and maintain the state’s legal system. Whenever elections are held, West Bengal is one of the states that consistently draws the interest of the whole country. However, to take part in this process, residents must fulfil certain qualifying requirements. For them to cast their ballots at the polls, they need to have a valid voter ID. Here are some more details on the voter ID list for West Bengal.

West Bengal Voter List

West Bengal Voter List 2024

Finding out if their name is on the list is made easier for citizens by the WB Voter List. Their eligibility to vote is indicated by the presence of their name on the list. The Election Commission or State Electoral Officer in each constituency has identified all eligible voters, and this is essentially what a voter list is. To allow voters to be added or removed from the list, it is updated for each parliamentary and assembly constituency election.

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WB Voter List Details in Highlights

Name of the schemeWest Bengal Voter List
Launched byChief Electoral Officer (CEO) West Bengal
Objectiveto publish the details of the voter list to the public through an official portal
BeneficiariesResidents of West Bengal
StateWest Bengal
Official Websitehttp://ceowestbengal.nic.in/

Benefits of West Bengal Voter List

The benefits of the West Bengal Voter List are mentioned below:

  • The official website of CEO West Bengal now has access to the voter list for the region.
  • The eligible voters’ names are on this list.
  •  At the next state elections, every citizen on the list is qualified to cast a ballot.
  • In the comfort of their homes, residents who have applied to be included to the voter list can now easily check their status and pick up their voter ID card.
  • This project improves electoral system transparency while also saving time and money.
  • Upon reaching the age of 18, any West Bengali citizen is qualified to apply for a voter ID card in the state.

Details Provided on the WB Voter List

The voter list, which includes each state voter’s name and electoral information, is made available online in PDF format. The details are listed in the list according to districts. Examine all the data you can obtain from the voter list provided below:

  • State and districts,
  • Total number of ACs
  • Date of publication of Electoral Roll
  • Assembly Constituency
  • Part no.
  • Year
  • Name of the voter
  • EPIC no.
  • Mother’s Name/ Father’s name
  • Ward No.
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Photograph
  • Other details

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How Can I Download the Voter ID List for West Bengal?

The steps to download the West Bengal voter list are as follows:

  • Go to the West Bengal Election Commission’s official website.
  • Click “Electoral roll”
  • Click on the “Name of Assembly Constituency.”
  • Choose “Draft roll.”
  • The voter ID list will be displayed.

How Can I check by name or EPIC Number the West Bengal Voter ID List?

The procedures to check the list with an EPIC number or name are as follows:

  • First, visit the website.
  • Select “Look up your name in the voter list.”
  • Select ‘Search by EPIC number’ or ‘Search by name’.
  • Type your EPIC number or name.
  • Type in the security code.
  • Choose “search.”
  • The voter ID list for West Bengal will be shown to you.

How can I use my SMS to verify West Bengal Voter ID Details?

Follow the below two simple steps to verify west Bengal voter id details through SMS.

  • Enter “WEC your Voter ID Number”
  • Forward this to 51969.

How can I apply online to have my West Bengal voter ID list corrected?

The procedures for requesting an online voter ID list correction are as follows:

  • Go to the CEO of West Bengal’s official website.
  • Select “Special Summary Revision of the Electoral Roll” by clicking the link.
  • On the login page, enter your login information.
  • Click “Login” after providing the password, phone number, and captcha code.
  • The form for correction appears
  • Complete the necessary fields
  • To apply a correction, choose the “Submit” option.
Which form is required in West Bengal for online voter ID correction?

In West Bengal, Form 8 must be submitted to alter the information on your voter ID card.

Who compiles the list of voters?

The task of compiling the voter list and submitting and publishing the electoral roll falls to the Election Commission of India, the election commission of each state, and the chief electoral officers of each state.

What does “electoral list” mean?

The electoral roll, often known as the register, is a list of all the names and addresses of those who are registered to vote.

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