Village Defence Guards Scheme started in J&K, Know Benefits & Details

Village Defence Guards Scheme:- On August 14, only a few days before the country’s independence day, the Union Ministry of Home Affairs granted clearance for the formation of the Village Defence Guards Scheme-2023 (VDGS) in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. Union Minister Jitendra Singh expressed his appreciation for the initiative by extending his gratitude to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union Home Minister Amit Shah. Actually, it’s a revised scheme of the previous VDG scheme. In today’s essay, we will understand what the village-dependent guard system is and why it started. In addition, we will examine the benefits paperwork and eligibility requirements required by the program, as well as how to access this program.

Village Defence Guards Scheme

Village Defence Guards Scheme 2023

Village Defence Guards Scheme, or VDGS, is a scheme that was announced for the state of Jammu and Kashmir only on August 14th, and it’s a defense-related scheme. Many things have been initiated in the Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav and this scheme was also launched during this time with the sole purpose of improving the security in the border areas of Jammu.

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It is a defense-related program that was just announced for the state of Jammu and Kashmir on August 14th. This initiative was introduced at the same time as the Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav in an effort to enhance security in Jammu’s border regions. According to the authorities, the village defense card will be charged with the responsibility of safeguarding community installations and infrastructure facilities inside the boundaries of their village starting on the 15th of August. The chosen people are those who will be under the system throughout the day and at night for the sole purpose of defending their regions from terrorists in particular.

VDGs will be divided into two categories: those who have a valid arms license and to whom weapons have been provided by the J&K Police and those who have a valid license and weapons or are willing to purchase weapons on their own.

History of VDG

Previously dated September 30, 1995, this program was known as the Village Defense Committee, and it included the Indian Army and the Police in providing training to volunteers hailing from communities. VDCs were given firearms as part of this program, and they used the rifles to defend their communities against acts of terrorism and other actions connected to terrorism, focusing on protecting the most vulnerable villages located in hilly regions of the Jammu region. The Indian Army and the Jammu and Kashmir Police have received assistance from members of the VDC in their battle against terrorism. There has been a long-standing desire from the members of the VDC that this committee should become more structured and that there should be some choices made on their payments.

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Village Defence Guards Scheme Overview

Scheme Name Village Defence Guards Scheme
Started by Central Government
Objective Provide self-protection and security in villages near the border
Beneficiaries Citizens of Jammu Kashmir
Job type Paid

Village Defence Guards Scheme Objectives

The aim and purpose of this team are to organize a mini group of volunteers among armed civilians in the villages, especially in the border areas as well as in the deep areas of the Jammu division only. Another object of the scheme is to provide self-protection and security in villages that are near the border. Overall, the main purpose of this king will be to protect and guard such villages that are near the border during the day and during the night by bringing up the volunteer guard who will be doing this work. The VDC members have long desired that this committee be given more structure and that they be given some options regarding their compensation. Therefore, such a scheme was launched to ensure the welfare of such guards.

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Benefits and Important Points of the Village Defence Guards Scheme

  • The scheme organizes a small group of volunteer armed civilians in identified villages along the borders and in-depth areas of the Jammu division to instill a sense of self-protection, ensure the safety and security of such villages, and infrastructure installations in and around them, and check trans-border movement. 
  • The Village Defense Guards would be responsible for defending communal installations and infrastructure inside their village, and they would undertake routine night and day patrols.
  • Considering the security situation in Jammu & Kashmir UT, notably in the regions, it was necessary to amend the current scheme to prevent terrorist attacks inspired and backed from across the border and to improve the security grid in the Union Territory.
  • This group is made in segments of not more than 15 in a single group which will be patrolling during day/night time for a particular area only.
  • VDGs will be classified into two categories: those with a valid arms license and weapons gave by the Jammu and Kashmir Police and those with a valid license and weapons or willing to acquire guns themselves. 
  • This new organization will be known as the “Village Defense Group” and it will be led by a former officer of the Army.
  • The district administration will make a thoughtful selection from among the applicants submitted by the groups’ members, who will contribute their time and efforts on a pure volunteer basis.
  • Of the two groups which are under this scheme, one group will be given rupees 4500 per month per individual, and the second group will comprise the persons who are members of the village defense group voluntarily and they will be paid a uniform rate of rupees 4000 per month.
  • Village Chowkidars and Lumberdars in “vulnerable locations” will support Village Defense Groups.

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Village Defence Guards Scheme Eligibility

The eligibility requirements for this scheme will be :

  • Ex-servicemen and ex-policemen of the village 
  • Able-bodied young men who have proficiency in the handling of arms, and ammunition and are prepared to contribute to the welfare of the community and security of the village.

How to Apply for Village Defence Guards Scheme

There is no such application procedure online or offline to apply for the Village Defense Guards Scheme has been announced by the concerned authority. Only the above-mentioned was provided. If there is any further information related to the scheme provided by the authority, we will update you here. Kindly stay connected with our website.


In this revised scheme, “It is an expression of the will of the people to actively and voluntarily participate in the efforts to help stop the bad plans of anti-national elements and protect the sovereignty and integrity of the nation.” Happy Independence Day!

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