Telangana Sheep Distribution Scheme 2024: Beneficiary List District Wise

Telangana Sheep Distribution Scheme:- The Telangana sheep distribution plan was initiated by the government of Telangana to enhance the state’s rural economy by fostering economic independence among the Gola and Kuruma populations. Online Registration Form Telangana’s government started a sheep distribution plan to empower the Gola and Kuruma people and boost the rural economy. In this post, we’ll discuss the Telangana Sheep Distribution Scheme 2024‘s purpose, advantages, and eligibility requirements. We’ll also explain how to search the phase and check the beneficiary list online.

Telangana Sheep Distribution Scheme

Telangana Sheep Distribution Scheme 2024

First, let’s get to the bottom of what this strategy is all about: People who belong to the castes of Golla and Kurma are eligible to get a subsidy of 75% off the purchase price of a sheep under a program that was initiated by the Chief Minister of the state of Telangana to promote the economic advancement of disadvantaged populations. Because of the widespread coronavirus epidemic that occurred in the previous year, the first phase of the Telangana Sheep Distribution Scheme was halted.

The Chief Minister of Telangana state has given the directive to the personnel in charge of this initiative to restart the first phase. Along with that, the budget would shortly be adjusted to include the funding for the second phase of the project. The provision of a flock of sheep to each member of the traditional shepherd villages will be the primary focus of the program’s first rollout, which will be done to provide financial assistance to these communities. The economy of the countryside will benefit greatly from this initiative.

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Details of Telangana Sheep Distribution Scheme

NameTelangana Sheep Distribution Scheme
Launched byCM K Chandrashekhar Roa of Telangana
Launched date20 June 2017
ObjectiveTo strengthen the rural communities
BenefitsFinancial aid to the community
Mode of ApplicationOnline
Official Website

Scheme Objectives

As is well known, the Golla and Kurma communities are financially disadvantaged groups. As a consequence of this, members of this community experience a great deal of discrimination and other issues. So the Telangana Government came up with a solution. The government of Telangana has established the Telangana Sheep Distribution Scheme with this consideration in mind. In accordance with the plan, the community at large and the targeted area will each get one unit of sheets, which will result in a bolstering of the rural economy. The primary objective of instituting this program is to improve the community in terms of both its social and economic standing.

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Telangana Sheep Distribution Scheme Benefits

The first phase of Telangana’s sheep distribution system will begin in Nalgonda on 16 January 2021, after being delayed by the coronavirus outbreak. 28,335 applications have demanded draughts. They’ll get 360 sheep units. The authorities will provide Golla Kurma community members with lambs to eat. The 2019 state budget would allocate Rs. 4210 crore. Individuals who registered for the first part of the sheep package may verify their profile on the recipient list by logging onto the official website.

  • K Chandrasekhar Rao introduced this programme on June 20, 2017.
  • Under this concept, Golla and Kurma will get sheep.
  • The government will pay 75% and the recipient 25%.
  • Telangana Sheep Distribution Scheme aims to enable Golla and Kurma villages to boost the roller economy.
  • The government spent Rs. 10,000 to financially and socially empower them.
  • This programme distributed 3,665,000 lambs.
  • The Telangana Sheep Distribution Scheme begins in Nalgonda on 16 January 2021.

Telangana Sheep Distribution Scheme Eligibility

  • In order to apply, a person must be a long-term resident in the state of Telangana.
  • A member of the Kurumas or Yadavas community, a candidate must also be at least 18 years old and come from that group.

Documents Required

  • The documents necessary for the program are mentioned below, including the Aadhaar card used by the applicant as identification.
  • Caste certificate, Address verification, photo of the applicant, DOB document Mobile number or contact information.

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Telangana Sheep Distribution Scheme Application Procedure

To get the benefits of the scheme, all interested candidates who have not yet submitted their applications and who wish to do so are required to complete the process that is outlined in the following paragraphs.

  • The first thing you should do is check out the Telangana state sheep and goat development cooperative federation limited official website.
  • You will now be presented with the homepage of the website.
Telangana Sheep Distribution Scheme
  • To register, choose the “Registration” option from the menu on the site.
  • You will be presented with the Registration form right in front of you.
  • Complete the form with all of the information that is requested.
  • After you have finished filling in the data, you should attach all of your necessary papers.
  • Now, click the button labeled “Submit”
  • Your registration for the Telangana plan for the distribution of sheep will be completed without a hitch.

Telangana Sheep Distribution Scheme Beneficiary List Check 

  • To begin, please go to the Official Website Telangana Sheep Distribution Scheme.
  • You will now be presented with the homepage of the website.
  • On the webpage, choose the Beneficiary Report option, and then click “Submit.”
  • You will see a new page on the website.
  • Here, you can enter information like District, Mandal, and Village.
  • After you’ve filled in the information, click the Search button.
  • The list of people who will get the money will show up on your computer screen.

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