SGB Allotment Status Check Series IV : Sovereign Gold Bond Issuance Status for Online / Offline Apply

SGB Allotment Status:- There are a few easy ways to find out your allotment status if you apply for the most recent tranche. It is crucial to realize that the procedure of confirming your SGB investments is crucial, regardless of whether you applied for these gold bonds online or offline. On February 12, 2024, the SGB Series 2023–24 Series IV subscription was made available. It ended on February 16, 2024.

SGB Allotment Status Check 2024

SGB Allotment Status Check 2024

You must be excited to learn the allotment status if you applied for the most recent SGB tranche this month. To check this, there are a few simple methods. The easiest is to access your purchase history by logging into your bank account online. Most banks use email or SMS notifications to notify clients directly regarding SGB allotment. Furthermore, you can check the ‘Press Releases’ part of the RBI website for details on allotments that are released periodically

Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme Series IV

Sovereign Gold Bond Issuance Status Details in Highlights

NameSGB Allotment Status
Application modeOnline/offline
opened for subscription onFebruary 12, 2024
Last date to applyFebruary 16, 2024

SGB’s most recent tranche allotment date.

The allocation will happen on February 21st if the application is approved.

SGBs purchased through online mode 

Follow the steps below to find out SGBs purchased through online mode 

  • If you bought SGBs online using a Demat account, go to the account that your bank or brokerage company provided.
  • Go to the “Portfolio” or “Holdings” area to view detailed information about your investments.
  • To find out if the bonds have been allocated, find the Sovereign Gold Bonds category in this section.

Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme 

SGBs obtained through offline method

Follow the steps below to find SGBs obtained through the offline method.

  • Obtain the certificate of holding from the issuing bank, post offices, or approved stock exchanges if you bought SGBs offline.
  • To find out details regarding the allotment, look through the actual document.
  • Make sure you also check your email for confirmation.
Find the SGB allocation message in your email.

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) will give you a digital copy of the certificate to the email address you provided on the application form, regardless of how you paid for it.

Rate of Interest for Sovereign Gold Bonds

The bonds are issued by the Reserve Bank of India on behalf of the Indian government. A fixed rate of 2.50% per year, payable semi-annually on the nominal value, is paid to the investors as compensation.

After the SGB membership window ends on February 24, 2024, it is estimated that the allotment process could take a few weeks. The ultimate distribution of funds will be determined by the overall amount contributed this year across all categories, including individuals, HUFs, trusts, and charitable organizations. If there is a surplus of applications, allocation takes place in proportion to those requests. 

How to verify your allocation for Sovereign Gold Bonds if you apply online

An investor can apply for SGBs online through banks, India Post Payment Bank, or other third parties, or their stockbroker. As per RBI norms, if an individual applies through a stockbroker, the SGB will be available in their demat account. The aforementioned SGB would be viewable through the net banking or other interface of the relevant bank if the application was submitted online through banks and other approved entities. Additionally, the person would receive notifications from banks and other approved institutions by email SMS, or both. Remember to monitor your inbox.

The RBI would email the SGB investors a certificate of holding in addition to the notification from the banks and other approved entities. Make sure to enter your email address when applying for SGB to receive this certificate.

Certificates of Holding will be given to the consumers on the day the SGB is issued. The Certificate of Holding can be picked up in person from the issuing banks, SHCIL offices, Post Offices, designated stock exchanges, agents, or directly from RBI via email if the applicant includes their email address on the application.

If applying offline, how can I verify my SGB allotment?

A physical certificate of holding must be obtained by those who apply for SGBs offline. The bank that issued the certificate or other authorized entities where the SGBs were purchased will provide it to them. An offline investor will receive a digital certificate of holding from the RBI in addition to a physical copy, just as online investors.

But take note that investors purchasing SGBs online are the only ones eligible for a Rs. 50 reduction off the issue price; individuals purchasing SGBs offline are not eligible for this offer.

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