How to Check PPF Account Balance Online & Offline by UAN Number, SMS, Missed Call

PPF Account Balance Check Online

The Public Provident Fund, or PPF, is a 15-year-term, government-backed investment. Millions of Indians have traditionally favoured it as an investment option because of its low risk and potential for tax-free earnings. Because this is a long-term investment, it is crucial that you regularly check the balance in your PPF account. You can currently check your PPF balance both online and offline. Read the article below to know more about PPF Account Balance Check

PPF Account Balance Check Online

Online PPF account balance checks are easy to do and are offered around-the-clock. Nevertheless, access to online PPF services is restricted to those who have a bank-held PPF account. Some essential points for examining your PPF balance online are as follows:

  • Your PPF account must be connected to your current bank savings or current account.
  • Generally speaking, opening a PPF account with a bank requires that you already have a relationship with them. 
  • Verify that your bank account has enabled online and mobile banking.
  • To access information about other accounts, such as the PPF account, you must sign in with your online or mobile banking login.
  • You can view your current PPF account balance after logging in.
  • Additional services that may be accessible via net/mobile banking include downloading your PPF account statement, applying for a PPF loan online, setting up standing instructions for your PPF account, and online financial transfers into your account.

Post Office PPF Account

Checking PPF Balance Offline at Bank

If you have a bank PPF account and you haven’t set up internet or mobile banking, you can update your passbook to view your bank PPF account balance offline. The following are essential guidelines for checking the balance of your PPF account offline at a bank:

  • When you start a PPF account, the bank gives you a passbook.
  • Your PPF account information, including balance, account number, bank branch information, credits and debits to your account, is all contained in your passbook.
  • By going to your local bank branch, you can periodically have the PPF passbook updated.
  • Your PPF passbook will be updated with information on all transactions (credits and debits) made on your account, as well as the available balance.

A few banks have begun installing automated passbook updating kiosks that run around the clock. To have your passbook dated, you must typically visit your bank during business hours.

Check PPF Account Balance through the Post Office?

The post office where they opened their accounts is the place where people who live in isolated parts of the nation without access to banks can check the balance of their PPF accounts. Updating the passbook, they were given is part of the procedure of verifying the account balance at the post office.

Things Required to Verify PPF Balance

The requirements listed below should be taken into account while checking the PPF balance online or through a bank:  

  • It is advised that the person open savings and PPF accounts with the same financial institution.
  • To easily track account details, a savings account should be connected to a PPF account.
  • Use your net banking login information to access your savings account online and take use of the online fund deposit feature.
  • In certain circumstances, you might also require a PIN in order to access the PPF account.

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Objective for Verifying PPF Account Balance

You need to check your PPF Account Balance for the below reasons.

Track Your Savings Progress

People can keep track of their savings progress by frequently checking the balance of their PPF accounts. It assists people in figuring out how much they have saved and how much more they must have in order to reach their savings objectives. People can modify their PPF contributions or saving behaviours by tracking their savings progress.

Monitor Interest Profits

A fixed-income product called PPF has an attractive interest rate that is computed and compounded yearly. People can keep track of the interest they earn on their PPF investment by frequently checking the balance of their PPF account. This can assist people in estimating their income and making appropriate financial plans.

Plan Withdrawals

PPF has a fixed lock-in term of 15 years, meaning that withdrawals are only permitted upon account maturity. Regularly checking the balance of a PPF account can assist people in organising their withdrawals ahead of time. It is crucial to monitor the tenure and account balance since withdrawals are permitted only when the lock-in period has ended.


What are the current fees for checking the PPF balance?

To check the balance in your PPF account, there are no fees.

Can someone else check my PPF account balance?

Yes, anyone with access to your online banking credentials can check the balance online on your behalf.

Is it crucial to verify your PPF balance?

PPF is a long-term investment, thus keeping an eye on the balance is crucial.

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