PM Gyanveer Yojana 2022 is a Fake Scheme युवाओं को हर माह 3400 रुपये मिलेंगे

An article that was published not too long ago and is now making the rounds on social media asserts that participants in the Pradhan Mantri Gyanveer Yojana would get Rs 3,400 each month as part of the program. In order to know the complete details of the PM Gyanveer Yojana, we must know the details and check the facts. 

PM Gyanveer Yojana

PM Gyanveer Yojana 2022

Financial assistance of Rs 3,400 per month will be distributed as part of the Pradhan Mantri Gyanveer Yojana. There has been a significant increase over the last many years in the number of programs that have been initiated by the federal and state governments of India to provide financial assistance to the Indian population. Some programs are targeted specifically at farmers, women, and youth to provide financial assistance for them during their lives. This simply means that new schemes are introduced each year, and they are also gaining popularity on various social media platforms. Keeping all of these considerations in mind, a message recently went viral on social media. According to the post, users would get 3,400 rupees if they registered through the link via the प्रधानमंत्री ज्ञानवीर योजना program.

PM Modi Yojana 

PIB Fact Check about PM Gyanveer Yojana 2022

In recent years, the federal and state governments of India have launched several financial aid packages. Similarly, another scheme of giving financial assistance is being circulated on WhatsApp. In order to find the truth and present the real story to the citizens of India, there has been a fact check. 

PIB tweeted:

Claim:  PM Gyanveer Yojana will give Rs 3,400 per month to all who will register themselves in this scheme.


  • This is not true.
  • Don’t give any of these sites or links access to your personal information.
  • Make sure to “Fact Check” before forwarding such messages.

Be Careful of Fake Posts, Especially across Social Media: PIC Stated

Pib stated that everyone using social media should be aware of the messages going viral on these platforms because they lack a legitimate, authentic source and should not be circulated or shared, especially on WhatsApp University. Because disseminating such messages puts not only other people’s personal information and money at risk but also yours.

Agniveer Bharti 

How to Check Whether the Link Forwarded is Real or Fake

There are many ways to find why this news is fake.

  • If you get such communication, you may verify its reality by doing a fact check. Through PIB, you may do fact-checking. To do so, go to, which is the official URL. The video may be sent to WhatsApp number +918799711259 or email: [email protected] in addition to the other options listed above.
  • Most of the schemes that come to the state or central government are announced on the official Twitter pages of the concerned government before or on the launch date. We can see that the type of programme or benefit being looked for isn’t mentioned anywhere on the government’s website.
  • If you carefully examine and verify the links that are in the document, those links do not end with “.GOV”. It is clear that all government websites end in “.gov.” Since none of these conditions were met, it is clear that the story in question is a fabrication that has been spread over social media platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp. Hence, we need to steer clear of stories of this kind.


Since the PM Gyanveer Yojana is a hoax and its spread across social media was structured by cyber-criminals whose sole objective is to violate the privacy of users by tricking them into clicking on malicious links, we ask that you stay well clear of any websites that contain such content and that you refrain from sharing any news before verifying its truthfulness.

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