Telangana Nethanna Bima Scheme 2022: Online Registration, Benefits

Nethanna Bima Scheme Apply Online | Telangana Nethanna Bima Scheme Online Registration | Nethanna Ku Bima Eligibility and Benefits | The state government of Telangana is implementing a new scheme to help the people. As part of this, a new scheme called Nethanna Ku Bima will be launched in Telangana. The Handloom Weavers Scheme swaps the insurance coverage for handloom weavers, so this scheme is really only for handloom weavers. This scheme gives the beneficiary up to Rs 5 lakh in equity and also helps the beneficiary’s family. In today’s article, we’ll find out what this scheme is, what its goal was, what its benefits are, who is eligible for it and what documents they need, and how to apply for it.

Nethanna Bima Scheme

Telangana Nethanna Bima Scheme

On August 7, 2022, Nethanna Ku Bima will be released. The Telangana Municipal Administration and Urban Development Minister announced this state’s program. This scheme will start on August 7 because that’s National Handloom Day, and it’s for the welfare of handloom weavers. Under this plan, the government will pay the insurance premium. If the person we were insuring dies from a disease or accident while the insurance is in force. Up to 5 lakh rupees will be paid out by the insurance to the nominee or to the family. In some insurance plans, it takes a long time to send money to the nominee. But under this plan, it will only take 10 days after the beneficiary dies for the nominee to get the Rs 5 lakh.

The Handloom and Textile Department of the nodal agency is in charge of this program, and they will take care of everything that needs to be done. The government has set aside 50 crore rupees for this scheme, and 25 crores, or 50% of that amount, has already been given out. As a part of this, the state government will set up the Nethanna Bima scheme, which is similar to the Rythu Bhima scheme. This will give financial security to the families of weavers. So, the state of Telangana is known for handloom, and this insurance scheme covers about 80,000 handloom weavers.

The state government also helps handloom weavers through two other schemes: the Chenetha Mitra scheme and the Nethanna Ku Cheyutha. Under one plan, the state government gives handloom workers a 40 percent subsidy. Under another plan, the state government gives handloom workers a 16 percent financial aid deposit as a state share of the 8 percent thrift savings paid by the workers in a cooperative sector. But these programs can only help Handloom Weavers who are enrolled in them.

Rythu Bandhu Status 

Benefits Provided to Six Beneficiaries Under Telangana Nethanna Bima

Following the implementation of the TNB Scheme on August 7, the Telangana Government deposited Rs 5 lakhs into each of the beneficiary nominees’ accounts for the six weavers who passed away from various illnesses. The state government had never before provided insurance for weavers. According to the Minister’s information, the state government promptly provided the candidates with insurance coverage. A weaver who was 48 years old passed away on August 30. After completing the application, the handloom department made sure that her nominee received a direct deposit of Rs. 5 lakh in insurance coverage in a few days.

There was no payment delay, nor did the department make any demands. Similar to this, another weaver died at 56, on August 20. The insurance coverage was transferred into her husband K. Jagadish’s bank account on Tuesday after her family officially notified the department officials.

Similar to these two situations, insurance benefits were also given to four additional nominees: 37,346 handloom, power loom, and auxiliary weavers have signed up for the scheme till September 2022.

Nethanna Bima Scheme Launched

As we already know, the government has already declared that the Telangana Bima Scheme would be introduced on handloom day or the scheme for weavers. The Chief Minister of Telangana, K Chandrashekhar Rao, announced this scheme on August 7, 2022. It was National Handlooms Day, and the Prime Minister welcomed the weavers by introducing a plan for their welfare. According to the government, the insurance plan has already benefited 800,000 families affected by earlier programs for weavers.

This program would offer 5 lakh rupees in insurance coverage to river families in the event of a beneficiary’s accidental death. During the opening ceremony, the prime minister said that without the central government’s assistance, it would not have been feasible for the Weavers to profit from this program. Under the initiative, the government of the state of Telangana has partnered with LIC of India for the Nethana Bima scheme.

 Telangana Health Card

Nethanna Ku Bima Scheme Overview

Scheme NameTelangana Nethanna Bima Scheme
Launch byThe Telangana Municipal Administration and Urban Development Minister
GovernmentTelangana State Government
IndustryHandloom and textile Industry
Launch Date7 August 2022
BeneficiariesOnly Handloom Weavers family members
BenefitRs 5 Lakh Insurence
Last Date 
Official WebsiteComing Soon

Telangana Nethanna Bima Scheme Objectives

The main objective of this program is that the state government wants to improve existing insurance coverage for the handloom weavers of the state. The government intensely improves the lives of handloom weavers by introducing many schemes for their betterment. The government already allocated Rs. 1200 crore every year from 2016 to the handloom and textile industries.

Kalyana Lakshmi Scheme

Telangana Nethanna Bima Scheme Benefits

Numerous benefits which are covered under the Nethanna Ku Bima scheme are: 

  • Every weaver between the ages of 18 and 59 is protected by this insurance scheme, which is referred to as the weaver’s scheme.
  • In accordance with the terms of this plan, the sum of 5,00,000  is distributed retroactively to the weaver’s family or the nominee of their choice.
  • The money from the insurance policy is deposited ten days after the person has passed away.
  • In order for this plan to be successful, the committees at the state level, as well as the district level, will participate in it and contribute to it.

Scheme Eligibility

  • In order to be considered for participation in the Nethanna Ku Bima Scheme, the applicant must observe and comply with the following requirements:
  • Telangana citizenship or residency is required to submit an application. If the applicant is from another state, then they cannot participate in the scheme because it is not open to them.
  • The applicant is required to have prior experience as a participant in the Rythu Bima Insurance Scheme.
  • Weavers who are adults and fall within the age range of 18 to 59 are the only ones who are eligible to apply for this program.

Telangana Nethanna Bima Scheme Documents

The necessary documentation for the scheme is as :

  • Telangana state identification card holder’s address
  • Aadhar card, mobile number, and email address
  • Documentation formally submitted to the department of handloom and textile production

TS Aasara Pension

Telangana Nethanna Bima Scheme Registration

This scheme will be launched on August 7, and all eligible candidates must visit the official website to apply. The official website has not yet been launched, but it will be soon, and we will keep you informed.

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