Mutation of Property in Delhi (MCD): Online Apply & Status Check

Mutation of Property in Delhi:- In an era where bureaucratic procedures frequently impede advancement, the digital era offers a ray of optimism. Now that property owners in Delhi may mutate their properties online, they can easily traverse the complex system. This article will guide as a thorough guide, regarding the Mutation of Property in Delhidetailing the advantages, detailed directions, required documents, and typical problems encountered throughout the online property mutation procedure. Accept the liberating power of technology and explore the opportunities for effective property mutation in Delhi.

Mutation of Property in Delhi 2024

Mutation of Property in Delhi 2024

The Delhi Mutations Certificate of Home is a crucial document that you should not throw away after purchasing a new home in Delhi. The Municipal Corporation permits purchasers to quickly add their names and make quick changes to make the property appear entirely their own. It is vital to obtain property tax, water tax, and other house taxes in your name because property registration merely shifts ownership of the mentioned property into your name; it has no other effect. The mutation is carried out on behalf of a Delhi resident or property owner.

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MCD Property Mutation Details in Highlights

NameMutation of Property in Delhi
Initiated byDelhi Government
BeneficiariesResidents of Delhi
BenefitsThe government can identify the legitimate owner and collect property taxes from them with the aid of the mutation records
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Benefits of Mutation of Property in Delhi

When a property is sold to a new owner, a crucial legal process known as mutation is involved to transfer ownership. The mutation is a necessary step since it updates the ownership information in the local government’s records. Those who own land must finish this process right away. Owners of residential properties, such as apartments, can, however, complete it whenever practical.

Additionally, it is registered in the land revenue department under the name of the new owner, and upon completion of the mutation process, property tax is assessed.

Significance of Mutation of Property

An essential first step in purchasing real estate is mutation. Below is a list of some of the reasons property mutation matters:

  • Assists the government in locating the property owner so that taxes can be paid and compensation can be given.
  • It is required to sell the property.
  • It removes the possibility of scams such as selling the property to several buyers.
  • The property’s modification ensures that the purchasers are certain there are no hidden fees.

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What Advantages Do Property Mutations Offer?

The advantages of mutation include the following:

  • Evidence of Ownership: This is a crucial advantage of mutation. It transfers ownership of the property from the previous owner to the present one.
  • Aids in Getting Paid by the Government: All properties are registered with the government. A mutation is evidence of ownership under the law. The government looks up ownership information in records when it has to make reparation payments. Buyers who have not applied for mutation are not eligible to receive reimbursement from the government.
  • Prevents Penalties Against Property Tax: The Municipal Corporation determines the property tax charges for properties following the completion of property mutation. There is no alternative way to levy property tax, and failing to pay it might have detrimental effects on the owner.
  • Access to Water and Electricity Supply: Only after mutation is finished are residential properties, such as apartments, permitted to have access to water and electricity.

How Can I Apply for Mutation of Property in Delhi?

Owners of real estate may apply both offline and online for mutation. Below are the steps to apply for a mutation:

  • Go to the Delhi Municipal Corporation’s official website.
  • While non-registered users must register by submitting their information, registered users can log in immediately.
  • Select “Property Tax” from the “Online Services” option after logging in.
  • Look up information about the property.
  • Request a UPIC, or Union Payment Identification Code.
  • Apply for a property mutation in step six.
  • Make your charge.
  • You can then verify the status of your application.
  • There is a possibility that the application will be turned down. Reapply for a mutation in such a situation and pay the expenses once more.
  • Download the mutation certificate after it has been accepted.

How to Apply Offline for a Property Mutation in Delhi?

Applicants must visit the Municipal Corporation office to complete the offline application process for mutation. They will receive instructions regarding the process and the necessary paperwork. From now on

Different Kinds of Mutations

Two types of mutation exist. These types that are briefly discussed are enumerated here.

  • A mutation may have occurred on land used for agriculture, and this could affect who owns the land. The ownership transfer will not be referred to as lawful unless and until the mutation process has been correctly performed and registered inside the revenue records.
  • The owner may be compensated when the government seizes the property, but only if they have verified their identity in the documentation.
  • Land mutation on non-agricultural land: In this case, the land mutation has no bearing on who owns the land. It does, however, have some bearing on the owner’s need to pay municipal taxes. The electrical and water supplies may also be affected.
Documents Required

Daakhil Kharij will need certain documents in the event of a will or inheritance.

  • Affidavit on stamp paper
  • Succession certificate copy
  • Copy of Power of Attorney
  • Sale deeds
  • Registration deeds
  • Receipt of property tax payments till date
  • Mutation application with court fee stamp affixed Ration card
  • Aadhaar card
  • Affidavit on stamp paper of requisite value
  • Death certificate
Documents Required for Property Modification

Documents required for property modification for sale is given below.

  • Copy of Aadhaar Card
  • Property tax receipts
  • Affidavit on stamp papers
  • Copy of will or succession certificate or death certificate of the ownerIndemnity bond
  • Property mutation application form
  • Copy of the sale/title deed

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