LIC Merchant Portal Login 2024 – Registration Process, Reset Password

LIC Merchant Portal:- The LIC merchant portal is an online LIC platform that allows merchants to get compensated by clients for their LIC policy premiums. To register and complete the merchant LIC login, each LIC merchant is assigned a distinct user ID and password. A LIC merchant can access all policy data, including loans, surrender, policy details, nominees, etc., using the LIC merchant site. Read below to check the detailed information related to LIC Merchant Portal like objectives, Benefits, Procedure to Become an Agent or LIC Merchant, Steps to Login, Contact Details, and much more

LIC Merchant Portal 2024

LIC Merchant Portal 2024

The most important thing to do after purchasing a life insurance or health insurance policy from LIC of India is to pay the premiums. Customers now have a hassle-free premium payment option thanks to LIC Merchant. According to the LIC of India’s appointment, the merchants are completely genuine and reliable.  The LIC of India has made a “merchant portal” available so that premium collecting can operate authentically and efficiently. All tasks must be completed online. To complete the premium collection, the merchants must log in.

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LIC Merchant Portal Objectives

Reducing consumer trouble and improving system transparency are the primary goals of the merchant LIC login. To increase the effectiveness of the LIC merchants, LIC of India is always updating the portal. LIC merchants can provide their customers with LIC product combinations that include riders in addition to collecting LIC policy premiums. It finally facilitates the sale of the LIC policies that are most appropriate for the clients and eases the workload of LIC merchants.

Benefits of LIC Merchant Portal

Some of the key benefits of the LIC Merchant Portal are as follows:

  • Simplify policy management procedures by providing easy access to, control of, and monitoring of guidelines. Handle customer requests and coverage updates more straightforwardly.
  • Get immediate access to current records about rules, premiums, and customer data. Keep abreast of contemporary modifications to ensure timely and informed decision-making.
  • Raise the bar for customer service by promptly responding to questions and giving accurate information.
  • Unexpectedly access to client information to enable green and tailored service.
  • Increase efficiency with user-friendly technology and equipment.
    Easily monitor transactions while accounting for increased financial control. Review revenue, commissions, and other critical data to assess the overall performance of a commercial organization.
  • Comprehensive Training Resources
  • Correctly manage leads and identify opportunities for capacity sales. The portal provides tools for organizing and ranking leads, encouraging an approach to corporate development that is proactive.
  • Secure Information Handling

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Procedure to Become an Agent or LIC Merchant

The steps to become a LIC Merchant or agent are as follows:

Eligibility and Documentation Requirements: You must be an Indian citizen and at least eighteen years old to apply to become a LIC agent. This will require your Date of Birth (DOB) certificate. Visit a local Municipal Corporation to obtain your DOB stamp if you do not already have it.

Qualification Certificate: A signed official 10th certificate from your school is required to work as a LIC Agent.

PAN Card is Required: A PAN Card or PAN Number (Permanent Account Number) might be required. To proceed, you must have a PAN Card; otherwise, your policy request can be denied.

Training and Interview: You are set to go if you have all the necessary paperwork. The development officer is available for meetings in your nearby LIC branch. To verify your eligibility and issue you a certificate of acceptance for the LIC Training program, they will interview you. A twenty-five-hour training course will be offered.

Get ready for the IRDAI Test: Once you have finished the personal training, you need to register for the IRDAI exam. Make sure you give the test your full attention. Inquire about free course books and other preparatory materials at the LIC branch office. The results of this exam will indicate your eligibility to become a LIC Agent. You need to get at least 40% on the test to move on to the next round and get the appointment letter.

Honourable LIC Merchant: One might become an honorable LIC Merchant or Agent following the interview and LIC training. The development officer will be conducting another interview. This time, in addition to other crucial information, trainees are provided some facts and instructed on how to become LIC agents.

Steps to Login on the LIC Merchant Portal

To Login on the LIC Merchant Portal, the user needs to follow the below-given steps:

  • First of all, go to the official website of the LIC Merchant Portal.
  • The homepage of the website will open
  • Click on the Online Services followed by Merchant Portal
  • After that, Click on the Login button
  • The login page will open
  • Now, enter your User Name, Password, and the captcha code
  • After that, click on the login button to get logged in

Contact Details

For further details or in case of any query or complaint related to the LIC Merchant Portal, feel free to contact on the below-given details:

Helpline Number: 022-67090501/022-67090502

Email Id:



What benefits does the LIC Merchant Portal Login offer?

Real-time information access, effective policy administration, improved customer service, transaction tracking, and a variety of tools to optimize sales opportunities are all provided by the LIC Merchant Login. For retailers and marketers, it provides a simple, safe experience.

Is using the LIC Merchant Portal to make payments secure?

The merchant gateway for LIC is completely safe and secure.

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