Odisha LAccMI Scheme 2023: Online Apply, Registration Form, Benefits

LAccMI Scheme:- On July 4th, the Odisha government introduced a program to help with seamless transportation in rural areas. As per the Commerce and Transport department, the innovative scheme, Location Accessible Multimodal Initiative (LAccMI), was launched for rural transport.

LAccMI Scheme

Odisha LAccMI Scheme 2023

The state of Odisha has seen the introduction of an innovative location-accessible multimodal initiative (LAccMI). The new plan will ensure everyone in the state can travel affordably and safely.

17th Sept Update:- Odisha CM approved LAccMI Scheme for public transport

The ‘Location Accessible Multi-modal Initiative’ (LAccMI) plan, which aims to promote sustainable and economical transport, received approval from the Odisha Cabinet on Friday, September 16, 2023. The state government of Odisha has planned to offer dependable and reasonably priced public transit throughout the State, with a focus on rural areas, as public transport in the state has failed to gain traction. According to the State Commerce and Transport Department, the programme would create a continuous public transportation network throughout the State, extending from the level of the Gramme Panchayat up to the State Capital, in order to offer dependable and reasonably priced services.

Mission Shakti Self Help Groups (SHGs) will take part in a variety of operation and maintenance-related tasks within the Blocks as part of the LAccMI Scheme. In the first three years of the bus service, from 2023–2024 to 2025–2026, the project’s cost is projected to be around Rs. 3178 Cr. All of the GPs, Block and District Headquarter locations, major cities, and economic hubs have been intended to be connected by this scheme’s bus operation. LAccMI Scheme would be introduced gradually. The Scheme calls for the deployment of about 1000 buses. The system would have a 10-year term that might be extended by an additional 2-year period. Additional allocation would be taken into consideration based on the review and performance.

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Location Accessible Multimodal Initiative Scheme Details in Highlights

Name of the schemeLAccMI Scheme
Full formLocation Accessible Multimodal Initiative
Initiated byOdisha government
Launching date15th of august 2023
ObjectiveImprove Rural Transportation

Objectives of LAccMI Scheme

Following are the objectives of the scheme.

  • LAccMI was one of the 20 new programs that the state government announced in the 2023–24 budget, with a total investment of Rs 7,202 crore.
  • For the project, an allocation of Rs 100 crore was established.
  • The Commerce and Transport Department has determined that the new program’s strategic focus will first be on intra-block and intra-district connections, with a later goal of integrating those efforts with inter-city bus operations. It would be effective for at least ten years.

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Features of LAccMI Scheme

Following are the features of the scheme.

  • The plan would initially concentrate on connectivity at the block and district levels.
  • In each panchayat, a Mo Bus service would be made available.
  • The Mo Buses will travel between panchayats and blocks before eventually integrating with intercity bus services.
  • The project would be implemented in the Koraput, Gajapati, and Kalahandi districts in the initial phase.
  • The first phase of operation will begin on October 2 in rural areas with little to no access to public transportation. By January 2024, all regions would have received the services.
  • The duty of creating a thorough project report for each gramme panchayat’s connection architecture and numerous cooperation opportunities has been given to the Odisha State Road Transport Corporation (OSRTC). “The transportation business has been given a month to finish the project report. The department can start additional procurement processes as soon as the DPR is complete.

Benefits of LAccMI Scheme

Following are the benefits of the scheme.

  • While private bus companies provide most of the public transportation in the state’s rural areas, OSRTC operates 500 buses on 317 routes, largely connecting the municipalities serving as district headquarters.  The OSRTC has been urged to improve its capacity for effective implementation and monitoring of the plan, which will be executed in two phases, in light of the scheme’s dynamism.
  • On October 2, Gandhi Jayanti, the initial phase of the operation will begin, especially in outlying areas with poor or no public transportation connectivity. By January 2024, it will be gradually expanded to all regions. 
  • The Biju Gaon Gadi Yojana was established by the state government of Odisha in 2014 to offer transportation services to residents of rural areas. It will be integrated into LAccMI for a smooth operation that focuses on rural areas and offers quick last-mile connectivity.
  • In order to assure the immediate transfer of road accident victims who require trauma care within the “golden hour,” it has also been agreed to expand the helicopter emergency medical service (HEMS) for the transportation of trauma patients.

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