Junior Target Olympic Podium Scheme (TOPS): Benefits & Features

To make India the sports capital of the world, the sports minister announced a new scheme related to sports which are named as the Junior Target Olympic Podium Scheme. Today under this article, we will share important aspects about the junior target Olympic podium scheme better known as TOPS. In this article, we will share important specifications of the schemes such as the benefits, features and also the factors available under the scheme.

Junior Target Olympic Podium Scheme

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Junior Target Olympic Podium Scheme (TOPS)

The sports and youth affairs minister of India that is Mr. Kiren Rijiju recently announced a new sports scheme known as Junior Target Olympic Podium Program. Through the implementation of the scheme, sports facilities will be provided to the junior athletes especially those who are the age of 12, 13 or 14. The authorities will provide financial assistance to increase the enthusiasm for sports. The young athletes will be encouraged by the authorities by providing financial incentives.

Overview of Junior Target Olympic Podium

Name Junior Target Olympic Podium Program (TOPS)
Launched by Sports minister
Beneficiaries Young athletics
Objective Providing sports facilities
Official website

Benefits Of The Scheme

There are many incentives which will be provided since the development of this scheme. There will be the availability of sports facilities for the young athletes who are developing in our country. The sports minister wants to develop India as one of the most sports-oriented and healthy countries. The sports minister has talked about giving financial assistance to young athletes who are the age of 12, 13 and 14. He also stated that the parents will not have to worry about the financial and sports expenditure that will be incurred while their wards carry on sports.

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Implementation Of Junior Target Olympic Podium Scheme

The announcement regarding this junior target Olympic podium was made by the sports minister of India that is Mr. Kiren Rijiju. The announcement was made during a book launch event. The book was written by Boria Majumdar and Nalin Mehta. The book was all about sports and was named the“Dreams of a Billion – India and the Olympic Games”. Hence, the announcement was also regarding and based on sports. The Chief Minister is highly enthusiastic about developing this scheme in India.

Registration Process

The scheme is a newly launched scheme which was announced by the sports minister recently. The detailed information about the scheme is not yet present for the common public, we will inform you everything when the official notification is out.

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