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IHRMS Punjab Login, Employee Salary Slip @ hrms.punjab.gov.in | How to Apply for Leave at IHRMS Punjab, Service Book | IHRMS Punjab App Download

iHRMS Punjab has indeed been initiated by the State Headquarters with the purpose of giving information on workers working in all departments on an electronic platform with the aim of achieving the aforementioned goal. In fact, the site is mostly used by workers in order to submit requests for time off. IHRMS was instrumental in the launch of the hrms.punjab.gov.in login site, which was carried out by the Punjab State Government. With the assistance of the Manav Sampada site, it is now much simpler to maintain all of the service books used by all of the government offices. Dear friends, in this post, we are going to present you with comprehensive details on the Manav Sampada Portal along with other relevant details regarding the post.

IHRMS Punjab

iHRMS Punjab Login

According to the official notification issued by the Basic Education Council, the service of submitting an online application for a leave of absence is now available to teachers at primary and upper primary schools, as well as to headmasters, Shiksha Mitras, and other staff members who are not involved in teaching. According to the announcement that was sent by the administration of the state, all state employees would be expected to submit their leave requests through the online system. Through the official website, any workers who want to request time off may do so in an electronic format using an online leave application system.

The personnel of MGNREGA has been advocating for the payment of salary in addition to more openness in the recruitment and transfer of workers. Everyone in the department will have their pay sent promptly thanks to the use of this digital approach. Because attendance is also being documented online via the HRMS Punjab Website, a feeling of discipline will be fostered as a result.

Punjab Pension Scheme

hrms.punjab.gov.in Overview

Name of the PortalIHRMS Punjab
Launch Year2023
Launched ByHuman Resource Support
Registration ProcessOnline
BenefitsApply for Leave

iHRMS Punjab Objectives

The leaver service is one of several services that the portal’s intended audience of government workers will have access to. As a result of digitizing the notion of leaving, they have simplified the process of leave and thus saved the time and effort of workers, which was making things more difficult.

Punjab Rozgar Guarantee Scheme

iHRMS Punjab Benefits

  • The Manav Sampada Portal, which makes it simple to preserve records of government employees by recording details of staff and officials of various departments, may be accessed here. Keeping records of government workers has never been easier.
  • This online resource provides access to a database that contains data on each and every employee and worker that is employed in the state of Punjab.
  • In addition to this, the personnel of the department are able to access further information about the agency via the official website of Manav Sampada.
  • This site is available to any and all personnel working for the province of Punjab. To do this, you will need to enter your user ID and password into the appropriate fields on the website.
  • With the assistance of this site, all workers and instructors are able to submit their requests for time off on the portal.
  • On this site, users may also gather notification on eService Book and Property Return if they search for it.
  • Services available on the portal are such as: Service Book, Date Entry Status, Property Return, Regarding the Medical Bill Status etc.
  • If the user wants general information about the INTEGRATED HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM which is easily available at the dashboard. No need to visit the office staff or waste time in search of such types of information.

iHRMS Punjab Login

  • You need to begin by navigating to the homepage of the Human Resource Management organization’s official website.
iHRMS Punjab Login
  • After you have done this, the homepage of the website will open up in front of you; the homepage of the website is shown in the photo that has been provided.
  • You will need to choose the “Login” option that is available on the homepage of the website. When you choose the choice, a new window with a form in it will appear in front of you.
  • You are required to input the information that is shown below in this form.
  • You are going to need the HRMS Code, User ID, and Password in order to complete this form. After doing so, you will need to enter the captcha code that is shown in the image and then click the Login button.
  • When you have finished logging in, a new page will load in its place once you have clicked the button. To complete the verification process, you will need to input the OTP that was delivered to your telephone number.

How to Apply for Leave at iHRMS Punjab

  • Visit the official website of IHRMS Punjab.
  • The homepage will appear.
  • Click on the login link and enter login credentials.
  • After logging in. on the homepage find the section of online leave and click on it.
  • First, you have to click on Select Reporting Officer and then click on Add A Reporting Officer in the drop-down menu.
  • You’ll see an application online, where you should leave the Select in Online Service box empty.
  • Next, you choose a Block Education Officer in Destination. Select the name of the officer who needs to be contacted and click “Save.”
  • Now, click on “Apply Leave” and choose “Form Date.” Then, you choose a Leave Date.
  • Leave Days will be added by Calculate on their own. Next, you need to fill in the information about Leave.
  • If you plan to stay during your Leave, you should give your address.
  • Now, click the button that says “Submit.” So, your application was sent online, and the data about it will be sent to your phone.

iHRMS Punjab Data Entry Status

  • First, visit IHRMS Punjab’s website. 
  • Click “Data Entry Status Report” under the Department Related Section on the website’s homepage. This opens a new page.
iHRMS Punjab Data Entry Status
  • Check the  Master Data Entry Status below.

iHRMS Punjab Web API Registration

The steps involved in registering for access to the Web API are as follows:

  • You are required to begin by going to the official website.
  • On the homepage of the website, under the Department Related Section, you will see an option labeled “Register For Web API.” You are required to choose this option. After that, a new form will materialize in front of you to complete the transaction.
  • First, ensure that all of the required information is included on the form, and then send it in together with the authorisation letter.
  • After you have clicked the Send Request button, your request for the Web API Registration will be sent.

View Employee Service Book

  • Visit the official website of IHRMS Punjab.
  • The homepage will appear.
  • Click on the Service Book option.
  • A new page will appear on the screen.
View Employee Service Book
  • Enter the details in the form.
  • Now click on the search option.
  • The service book will appear on the screen.

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