Gujarat Digital Seva Setu Yojana 2024: Registration, Login, Services

Gujarat Digital Seva Setu Yojana

The Gujarat government initiated a scheme known as Gujarat Digital Seva Setu Yojana. In accordance with this plan, the government would build an optical fiber network throughout 3500-gramme panchayats and make online government services accessible in the state’s rural districts. The Gujarat government is aiming to provide digital services to all of the state’s residents through the Digital Seva Set project. Read the article below to know more about Gujarat Digital Seva Setu Yojana.

Gujarat Digital Seva Setu Yojana 2024

On October 8, 2020, the program was introduced by the Honourable Chief Minister of Gujarat alongside the Prime Minister. By December 2020, the program has reached roughly 3500 villages. To provide high-speed internet services and support, a 100 MBPS optical fiber network was built throughout the state. Gujarat Digital Seva Setu seeks to provide all Gujarati citizens with a range of e-services. Gujarati rural households can now access a total of 55 public assistance programs digitally.

Namo Lakshmi Yojana Gujarat

Gujarat Digital Seva Setu Yojana Details in Highlights

Name of the schemeGujarat Digital Seva Setu Yojana
Launched byGujarat government
Launched onOctober 8, 2020
Objectiveto provide digital services to people of Gujarat
BeneficiariesPeople of Gujarat
Official Website

Objectives of Gujarat Digital Seva Setu Yojana

The goal of the Digital Gujarat Seva Setu Programme is to encourage digitization throughout the state. The state’s rural households were denied access to fundamental public welfare programmes and required to travel great distances in order to get in touch with the Taluka or other district-level agencies. Considering the progress in technology-driven services, it was imperative to introduce the Digital Seva Setu Programme. People can now take use of the advantages and e-services at their doorstep by getting in touch with the e-gram offices in their respective gramme panchayats.

Benefits of Gujarat Digital Seva Setu Yojana

The benefits of Gujarat Digital Seva Setu Yojana are mentioned below:

  • The improvement of e-services and digitalization in the state of Gujarat is one of the main advantages of the Digital Seva Setu Gujarat Yojana.
  • The village’s e-gram panchayat offices are where you may get all the benefits.
  • Visiting any Taluka or district-level offices is no longer necessary.
  • There is internet access at high speed in every gramme panchayat.
  • No middleman will be involved in this.
  • Digital lockers are a secure place to keep issued certificates and papers. Smartphones can be used to access these e-lockers.

Implementation of Digital Seva Setu

The following actions were made to ensure the scheme’s successful execution.

  • At the village level, the applicants will receive affidavits from the revenue officer.
  • When filling out the application forms, digital signatures will be utilised in place of paper signatures.
  • The application forms, authorised certificates, and affidavits can be obtained online. Applicants do not need to visit any notary offices to complete these tasks.
  • A digital locker is available for registered residents to keep and secure their authorised certificates and affidavits. The beneficiaries can use their cell phones to access this government-approved e-Locker.
  • The scheme’s implementation procedure will be transparent.
  • The network of optical fibres has around 83% of its layout completed. As a result, the Data Centres located in Gandhinagar are linked to the gramme panchayats.

Digital Gujarat Scholarship

Services offered

The Gujarat government uses the Digital Gujarat Seva Setu portal to provide and handle a total of 55 e-services. Ten departments oversee the management and regulation of these fifty-five e-services. We have enlisted the services provided by the various Gujarati government departments.

Agriculture and Co-operation Department

  • Krushi Sahay Package Yojana
  • Energy and Petro Chemical Department
  • DGVCL Electricity Bill Payment
  • MGVCL Electricity Bill Payment
  • PGVCL Electricity Bill Payment
  • UGVCL Electricity Bill Payment

Food, Civil Supplies, and Consumer Affairs

  • Name Change Affidavit
  • Application for New Ration Card
  • Addition of Name in Ration Card
  • Removal of Name from Ration Card
  • Change in Ration Card
  • Application for Ration Card Member guardian
  • Affidavit of Ration Card
  • Application for Duplicate Ration Card
  • Application for Separate Ration Card

Health and Family Welfare Department

  • Birth Certificate
  • Death Certificate
  • Home Department
  • Apply for NOC
  • Tenant Registration
  • e-Application
  • Domestic Servant Registration
  • Police Verification Certificate
  • Driver Registration
  • Senior Citizen Registration
  • Get a Copy of the FIR

Panchayats, Rural Housing and Rural Development Department

  • Income certificate (Gram Panchayat)
  • Affidavit of Income
  • Temporary Residence Certificate
  • Senior Citizen Certificate
  • Ports and Transport Department
  • Online Ticket Booking
  • Online Ticket Cancellation
  • New e-Computer Pass
  • Renewal of e-Computer Pass

Revenue Department

  • e-challan (stamp duty)
  • VF6 Entry Details (Gram Panchayat)
  • VF7 Survey No Details (Gram Panchayat)
  • VF8A Khata Details (Gram Panchayat)

Social Justice and Empowerment Department

  • Religious Minority Certificate (Gram Panchayat)
  • Linguistic Minority Certificate
  • Unreserved Caste Certificate (Gram Panchayat Without Income)
  • Nomad-Denotified Caste Certificate (Gram Panchayat)
  • Affidavit of Caste
  • NFBS
  • Samras Hostel Admission
  • PHID and Travel Pass
  • Sant Surdas Yojana
  • Divyang Lagna Sahay Yojana

Auda Housing Scheme

Women and Child Department

  • Widow Certificate (Panchayat) (Rural)
  • Affidavit of Widow Assistance related
  • Indira Gandhi National Widow Pension Scheme (Gram Panchayat)
  • Destitute Widow Pension Scheme (Gram Panchayat)
  • Vahli Dikri Yojana
  • Satyvadi Raja Harishchandra Marnotar Sahay Yojana

Registration Process of Gujarat Digital Seva Setu Yojana 2024

If you are willing to receive the benefits and apply for Gujarat Digital Seva Setu Yojana, follow the steps below for registration process. For Phase 1 of the Digital Seva Setu Programme, there is a very straightforward and uncomplicated online registration process. Take a look at the registration procedure below.

  • Go to the official website of Gujarat Digital Seva Setu Yojana.
  • Locate and select the “Register” option located in the upper right corner of the homepage.
  • The screen will display the dialogue box that follows. Enter all necessary data in the forms, including your “active mobile number and email ID.”
  • Enter the captcha code and create a password for the portal. Press the “Save” button.
  • The cell phone number that was registered will receive an OTP. Put the verification code in here.
  • Select the “Confirm” option.
  • It will open your profile. Proceed appropriately.

Login at Gujarat Digital Seva Setu Portal

The candidates can access their personal Digital Seva Setu site at any time after successfully registering. Aside from checking the progress of their payments and application forms, they can download their issued documents and certificates, validate the certificate, update their profiles with new information, and much more. They can also access their digital locker, which houses their issued certificate and documents. The registered candidates need to follow the steps below to log in to the Gujarat Digital Seva Setu Portal and view their individual profiles.

  • Visit Gujarat Digital Seva Setu’s official website.
  • On the homepage, click the “Login” link that is located in the upper right corner.
  • Upon clicking the link, the Digital Gujarat portal will open. Enter the email address or phone number you used to register to gain access to the “e-citizen portal.” To continue, enter your password and the captcha code. Select “Login.”
  • The screen will display the window that follows. Select the service that you want.
  • Proceed in accordance with the selected service.

How do I update my Gujarati Digital Seva Setu profile?

Follow the steps below to update Gujarati Digital Seva Setu profile

  • Open the Digital Gujarat Seva Setu portal and log in.
  • Select the “My Profile” tab from the menu.
  • The “Citizen Profile” dialogue box will open and show up on the screen.
  • Modify your profile.
  • Finally, select the “Update Profile” option found at the bottom of the page.

View GR/Order

Follow the steps below to view GR/Order

  • You must first go to Gujarat Digital Seva Setu’s official website. Following this, the website’s homepage will appear in front of you.
  • You must click on the GR/Order option that is shown in the menu on the website’s homepage.
  • You need to select the Department on this page. Next, you need to select “Show.”
  • You will be able to view all of the GR/Order details in this way.

View Dashboard

Follow the steps below to view dashboard

  • You must first go to Gujarat Digital Seva Setu’s official website. Following this, the website’s homepage will appear in front of you.
  • You need to click on Dashboard on the website’s home page. A fresh page will then appear in front of you after that.
  • You can view all of the Dashboard’s information on this page.

Application Fee for Digital Seva Setu Yojana

The issuance of an application form for any service or certificate under the Digital Seva Setu Scheme is free of charge. For each service, the recipients must pay the e-Gram Panchayat office a small fee of Rs. 20. This is the service fee for using the program’s benefits. The local gramme panchayat and the authorised village officer shall split the cost of this service charge. 

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