EPF Claim Status Check Online by UAN, PF Number, Miss Call, SMS

EPF Claim Status:- Owners of EPF accounts may choose to withdraw money during and after their employment under certain conditions. Monitoring the status of EPFO claims is necessary to guarantee a seamless process. People must stay informed about the status of their claim procedure. To determine how much of the claim procedure has been forwarded, holders of EPF accounts should keep them updated. Read the article below to understand how to check the status of PF claims and the related requirements.

EPF Claim Status Check

EPF Claim Status Check

EPF claim status is the most recent details about an application for an EPF withdrawal. It provides information about how the claim procedure is going, enabling applicants to take proactive measures to fix any mistakes or hold-ups.

PF Balance Check

EPF Claim Status Details in Highlights

NameEPF Claim Status
Full formEmployee Provident Fund
modeBoth online and offline
Online methodsThrough UAN Member PortalThrough EPF WebsiteThrough the Umang App  
Offline methodCalling the EPFO toll-free numberGiving a Missed Call or SMS

Eligibility Criteria for EPF Claim Status

Following is the Eligibility Criteria for EPF Claim Status

  • Once you become 55 years old, you are eligible to receive 100% of the EPF corpus.
  • Just one year before the retirement age, at the age of 54, you can claim 90% of the EPF amount.
  • You are eligible to receive 75% of the EPF corpus if you are unemployed.
  • 100% of your EPF balance is yours after two months of persistent unemployment.

How can I check the status of my EPF claim?

It is feasible for employees to track the status of their PF claim online or offline, regardless of whether they have already started a claim or are looking to withdraw from their EPF account. The following information expands on several methods for efficiently monitoring its advancement.

EPF Claim Forms

One must submit the claim forms in order to withdraw money from the EPF or make a claim for money from the same. Therefore, PF Withdrawal Forms are the forms you use to request the money; they vary depending on your age, the cause for the request, and whether or not you are employed. These claims were made using forms 19, 31, and 10 C, but a composite form has now taken their place. All that is needed is the individual’s Aadhar information and UAN.

  • If one changes jobs, they must submit Form 13 to transfer funds from their old EPF account to their new one.
  • To fund one’s LIC policy, Form 14 must be applied for.
  • One must Composite Form for requesting an advance from PF or claiming money in the event of unemployment.
  • If he is under 58 years old and wants to claim money for a physical disability after leaving an establishment, he must use Form 10D for the Pension Fund and Form Composite Form for the Provident Fund, respectively. He can submit a Composite Form for both Provident and Pension Funds if he is 58 years of age or older.
  • Whether the deceased was still employed or not, the nominee or heir can use Form 28 to claim PF and Form 10D to claim Pension if the deceased was either under 58 years old or over 58 but had completed 10 years of service. Should the departed worker have been 58 years old but had fewer than ten years of service, the claimant must submit a Composite Form for Pension Fund application. The claimant may use Form 51F in any format to settle the Employees’ Deposit Linked Insurance Scheme (EDLI) sum.

Withdraw PF Amount Online 

Methods for Submitting an EPF Claim

EPF claims can be submitted online or offline.

For Offline/Physical Application

It is necessary to complete out and submit the updated composite claim form to the appropriate jurisdictional EPFO office. If the Aadhar information are updated, the employer’s certification is not required. If not, the employer’s attestation must be included with the new composite form (non-Aadhaar).

For Online Application

To submit an online application, visit the EPFO Member Portal and log in with your UAN. Update and confirm KYC first under “Manage,” and then under “Online Services.” Select “Claim (Form 31, 19 & 10C)” from the menu that descends. When all information is shown, use the last four account numbers to confirm your bank account, and then select “Yes.” After all information is shown, use the final four digits of your account number to confirm that your bank account is active, and then click “Yes” to accept the Certificate of Undertaking.

Checking EPF Claim Status Online

EPFO claim status can now be checked online. Go through the means given.

  • Through UAN Member Portal
  • Through EPF Website
  • Through the Umang App

EPF Claim Status Check Using UAN Member Portal

Members can use the UAN member site to monitor the progress of their “online” withdrawal/transfer claims or PF claims by following the instructions below.

  • Enter your UAN and password to access the UAN Member Portal.
  • When you select the “Online Services” tab, a drop-down menu will show up.
  • Select “Track Claim Status,” the third option.
  • Your online withdrawal/transfer claim’s status will show up on the screen.
  • You do not need to provide your Member ID, PF Account Number, or UAN because you applied for it using the same portal. Once the same is updated, your PF claim process will instantly sync.

Using EPFO Website to check the status of EPF Claims

To check the status of an EPFO claim online, use your UAN and password as indicated below.

  • To access the “EPF Passbook & Claim Status” website, go on https://passbook.epfindia.gov.in/MemClaimStatusUAN/.
  • Enter your UAN, EPFO member password, and captcha code on this page.
  • To see the status of all of your claims, including accepted or settled claims, pending or in-process claims, and rejected claims, click the “Claims” tab.

EPF Claim Status Check Using Umang App

Through the Umang app, EPF users can also monitor the progress of their PF transfer or withdrawal claims online. On the other hand, the member’s cell number ought to be current with his UAN. To check the status of your PF claim using the Umang app, take the actions listed below:

  • Launch the Umang app, then look for EPFO in the “All Services” area.
  • Go to “Employee Centric Services” and choose “Track Claim.”
  • After entering your UAN, select “Get OTP.”
  • After entering the OTP, press the “Submit” button.
  • Every claim submitted for the UAN will be shown. For every claim filed to date, the tracking ID, claim type, raised claim date, and claim status are listed.

PF Withdrawal Rules

Check the Status of EPF Claim Offline

The following techniques can be used to check the status of an EPF claim offline:

  • To check the status of an EPF claim, call the EPFO toll-free number.

Members can also phone the EPFO 24×7 customer care number, 1800 118 005 or 14470, to check the progress of their EPF withdrawal or transfer claims (from 7 a.m. and 9 p.m.)

The helpline officer will need your PF Account Number or UAN to check the status of your claim, so be sure to have it handy.

  • Give a Missed Call or SMS to Check the Status of an EPF Claim

By sending an SMS from your registered number to 7738299899 with the format EPFOHO UAN LAN—where LAN stands for Language, such as HIN for Hindi and ENG for English—you can find out the status of your EPF claim. There are ten supported languages.

Additionally, you can use your UAN-registered mobile number, 011-22901406, to make a missed call. Due to the call terminating after two rings, the employee is not charged. The registered cellphone number will receive an SMS with the claim details.

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