Ejanma Karnataka: Birth/ Death Registration, Certificate Download

Ejanma Karnataka is an effort of the Karnataka State Government that aims to digitise and streamline the registration process. Births, deaths, and stillbirths in the state can all be registered online with this platform, and all records are easily obtainable on the official government website. The Directorate of Economics and Statistics is in charge of Ejanma, which is essential to maintaining the accuracy of Karnataka’s birth and death records. Read the article below to learn more about Ejanma Karnataka

Ejanma Karnataka

Ejanma Karnataka 2024

To satisfy the requirement for digital registration and recording of births, deaths, and stillbirths within the state, the Karnataka government launched the Ejanma online programme in 2014. Ejanma Karnataka aims to digitise and make all information about birth and death certificates available to the general public. Every Indian State and Union Territory is required by the Registration of Births and Deaths (RBD) Act of 1969 to register births and deaths. Furthermore, in Karnataka, certain rules concerning the issuance and registration of birth and death certificates must be adhered to. The RBD Act of 1969 and the Karnataka Birth and Death Rules of 1999 govern the citizen registration procedure in the state of Karnataka.

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ejanma.karnataka.gov.in Portal Details in Highlights

Name of the schemeEjanma Karnataka
Launched byKarnataka government
Objectiveto digitise and make all information pertaining to birth and death certificates available to the general public
BeneficiariesPeople of Karnataka
Official Websitehttps://ejanma.karnataka.gov.in/

Features of Ejanma Karnataka

Some of the key features of Ejanma Karnataka are mentioned below:

  • All of the state’s digitally recorded births, deaths, and stillbirths are listed on Ejanma Karnataka.
  • An SMS is delivered to the registrar’s or sub- registrar’s mobile number if an event requires approval.
  • An SMS is delivered to the informant’s mobile number upon approval of the occurrence.
  • The e-JanMa portal allows the public to check the status of applications (pertaining to correction and name inclusion).
  • The Medical Officers register all Birth, Death, and Still Birth events that take place at Sub Registration Units (which include all Govt. Health Inst.) on the ejanma.kar portal. The institutions themselves give certificates for these events.
  • Events that take place in BBMP and ULB (Urban Local Body) zones are also included on this page. Health Officers and Health Inspectors are in charge of registering events in their respective regions in ejanma Karnataka gov in.
  • The relevant officials, known as Village Accountants, also record events that take place in the state’s rural districts on the ejanma Karnataka webpage. The NadaKacheri platform is used to register these events.
  • Events that take place at private hospitals are reported by the private hospital to the appropriate registrar.
  • Organisations like Passport Offices, Insurance Companies, and Schools can verify the authenticity of Birth and Death Certificates.
  • Users can get in touch with the district’s statistical officer if they have any questions about this portal.
  • Inclusion of Child Name: Citizens must get in touch with the appropriate registrars and sub-registrars in order to include the child’s name on the birth certificate, should it not have been included at the time of birth registration.
  • The Data Entry Operators (DEO) at the relevant Nadakacheri & Registration centres must be contacted in order to get additional copies of the Birth or Death Certificate and for Corrections.

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Benefits of Ejanma Karnataka

The benefits of Ejanma Karnataka are mentioned below:

EJanma is a platform that allows access to authorised operators and law enforcement officials as well as information gathering from the general public. The Karnataka eJanMa portal has simplified and facilitated the registration process for both residents and government officials. Check out a few of the benefits of the eJanma site that are listed below:

  • A single site for the whole state promotes consistency.
  • Digital preservation of birth and death certificates
  • Simplifies the registration process and reduces the need for manual labour and data handling (for operators).
  • Saving time for both users and residents
  • Accessible throughout the state’s rural and urban locations

Services Provided by Ejanma Karnataka

The state government offers the following services to all of its inhabitants via the Ejanma Karnataka Portal:

  • Birth certificate verification
  • Application Status
  • Caste certificate verification
  • Vital Statistics Report
  • Registration details
  • offline pdf form
  • Login window for operators
  • Feedback etc.

Details Required for Ejanma Birth Registration

The following crucial information must be provided in order to obtain a birth registration under Ejanma Karnataka:

  • Date of birth
  • Time of birth
  • Child’s name
  • Child’s Gender
  • Father’s name
  • Mother’s name
  • Birth place
  • Address of parents at birth
  • Child’s permanent address
  • Name and address of informers
  • Hospital Name and Address
  • Mother’s residence details
  • Date of registration etc.

Ejanma Karnataka Birth and Death Certificate

Both the nation’s residents and government are required to maintain records of births and deaths. The civil registration system in the nation is used to register births, deaths, and issue certificates. A birth certificate is a vital document that is produced by the government to verify the existence and date of a child’s birth at the time of the child’s birth. Similar to this, the death certificate—which the right authorities give to the deceased’s immediate family—is a crucial document that contains pertinent facts about the manner of death as well as other pertinent information.

How to Login into the Karnataka Ejanma Portal

In order to gain access to the ejanma Karnataka login portal, users must adhere to the straightforward instructions listed below:

  • First of all, go to the official website of Karnataka Ejanma Portal.
  • On the homepage of the website, you must select the “Login” option.
  • After that enter all the requested information here, including your login, password, and captcha code.
  • Following this, you must select the “Login” option. By doing so, you can log in to this portal easily.

How to Download an Ejanma Karnataka Certificate

Follow the steps below to download an Ejanma Karnataka Certificate.

  • First of all, go to the official website of Karnataka Ejanma Portal.
  • Now on the home page of the website, select the “download certificate” option.
  • The following two options will be presented to you in this instance: – 
  • User Manual for Downloading Birth Certificate
  • User Manual for Downloading Death Certificate
  • The certificate will then appear in front of you whenever you select one of these alternatives.
  • To obtain the certificate, you must now select the download option and follow the on-screen instructions.

Method for Examining Vital Statistics Reports

Follow the steps below to check vital statistics reports.

  • First of all, go to the official website of Karnataka Ejanma Portal.
  • Now on the home page of the website select the Vital Statistics Report option.
  • Here, you must choose the year that you wish to view the report for. You will now see the Vital Statistics report on screen.
  • You can quickly view the Vital Statistics Report on the Ejanma Karnataka Portal by following this procedure.

Birth/Death Verification Procedure

Follow the steps below for Birth/Death Verification Procedure

  • First of all, go to the official website of Karnataka Ejanma Portal.
  • Now on the home page of the website select the birth/death verification option.
  • Here, you must select between the options for birth and death. Then, you must provide all the requested information in detail.
  • You next need to select the “Search” option. By doing this, you can confirm the date of birth and death.
How to verify the Status of an Application

Follow the steps below to verify the Status of an Application.

  • First of all, go to the official website of Karnataka Ejanma Portal.
  • Now on the home page of the website select the application status option
  • After that you will be presented with the following two options: –
  • Gross number
  • Registration number
  • The next page will open in front of you once you click on one of these alternatives.
  • You must now fill out every piece of requested information, and then select the “Submit” button.
  • You can view the application’s status by following this procedure, which will result in the status of the application being presented to you.

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