Digital Voter ID Card: How to Apply & Download from Mobile

Digital Voter ID Card:- One of the most significant forms of identification in India is the voter ID card, which is provided by the Election Commission of India (ECI). During elections, the Indian citizen can use the card to vote. The electronic voter card, or e-EPIC, is available in PDF format and can be saved on a computer, or mobile device, or uploaded to DigiLocker. Hard copies of the card can be printed or laminated. Read the article below to learn more about Digital Voter ID Card.

Digital Voter ID Card

What is Digital Voter ID Card ?

The Indian government introduced the digital voter card, also known as the e-EPIC. It is a portable document. Voter cards are available for download in PDF format on computers and mobile devices. Voters can secure their data and unique voter identification number by storing their voter ID in a digital locker or uploading it to cloud storage using this service. In addition to PCV EPIC, which are now being distributed for new registration, there is now a digital election card. The use of digital voter ID cards on election day in West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Assam, and Puducherry has reportedly been approved by the government.

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e-EPIC Details in Highlights

Name of the schemeDigital Voter ID Card
Launched byElection Commission of India
ObjectiveTo allow voters to store their voter ID in a digital locker or upload it in cloud storage
BeneficiariesIndian citizen
BenefitIt secures the data and unique voter identification number.
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Benefits of Digital Voter ID

The most effective application and management platform for digital voter ID cards has been developed by Digital India for Indian residents. The Government of India’s voter registration service has made the process easier while guaranteeing the accuracy of voter-related data. A voter ID card is an essential document for anyone who wants to cast an electoral ballot. Any voter can apply for a digital voter ID card.

Procedure for Registering for an e-EPIC

The following procedures will let you register on the NVSP site and apply for a digital voter ID card:

  • Visit the website of the National Voters Services Portal (NVSP).
  • Select “Sign-Up” by clicking on it.
  • Click “Continue” after entering the email address, mobile number, and captcha code.
  •  Click “Request OTP” after entering your “First Name,” “Last Name,” “Password,” and “Confirm Password.”
  • Click “Verify” after entering the OTP that was issued to your email address and mobile number.
  • You can use your mobile device to log in to the NVSP portal after registering.

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How can I Apply Online for a Digital Voter ID Card?

Candidates can apply for a voter ID card by doing the actions listed below:

  • Click “Login” after visiting the National Voters Services Portal NVSP website.
  • To log in, enter all of your valid credentials.
  • Click the “Fill Form 6” button under the “New registration for general electors” option after logging in.
  • Form 6 will show up on the display. This is a new voter registration form. Complete the application completely and accurately.
  • Once finished, click “Preview” and submit.

How can I verify the status of my Digital Voter ID Card?

Here’s how to check the status of your digital voter ID card in detail, step-by-step:

  • Visit the website of the National Voters Services Portal (NVSP).
  • To log in, enter all of your valid credentials.
  • Select the option to “Track Application Status.”
  • Choose the state, enter the “Reference Number,” and hit “Submit.”
  • The screen will show the current status.
  • To find out your status, you can also contact the helpline at 1950 using your BSNL mobile number.

How can I download my Digital Voter ID?

Voters can download digital voter ID cards from the National Voters Services Portal (NVSP). The steps to download a digital voter card are as follows:

  • Visit the website of the National Voters Services Portal (NVSP).
  • Register on the website or enter all legitimate login details to log in.
  • Select ‘E-EPIC Download’ from the homepage’s menu.
  • Choose the “Form Reference no.” or “EPIC No.”
  • When filling out the form, enter the EPIC number or the form reference number you were given.
  • Click “Search” after selecting the state.
  • The data of the voter ID will appear on the screen. Select the “Send OTP” option. To obtain the OTP, you must, however, change your mobile number on the webpage. On the NVSP website, you can update your mobile number by completing “Form 8.”
  • After entering the OTP that was delivered to the registered cellphone number, select “Verify.”
    Click the “Download e-EPIC” button after the OTP has been validated.
In what format is the e-EPIC made available?

The e-EPIC can be downloaded in PDF format.

Which body examines the application for a Digital Voter ID Card?

The digital voter application and the information given are verified by the Booth Level Officer, or BLO. After verification, they update the data on the official website.

Is it possible to provide the e-EPIC at the polling place as identification?

Yes, at the polling place, the e-EPIC can be shown as identification.

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