Check Your EPF Statement Online – Step-by-Step Full Guide

EPF Statement:- A passbook that documents monthly contributions from both the employer and employees, along with the amount contributed towards pension expenses, is called an Employees Provident Fund statement. Any interest that is credited to the worker’s EPF account is also included. A user-friendly online platform has been introduced by the Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) to enable users to obtain their EPF statements with a few clicks.

EPF Statement 2024

EPF Statement 2024

Your approved advance, settlement, transfer-in, and transfer-out transactions from the many Indian companies you have worked for are documented in your EPF statement. It is an online representation of your PF status, similar to an e-passbook. The statement or e-passbook will contain all transactions made on the specified day and by the month. Your name and birthdate are among the personal facts that are included in the EPF statement, along with the most recent status of your Provident Fund account.

PF Balance Check

Employees Provident Fund Statement Details in Highlights

NameEPF Statement
Full formEmployees Provident Fund
Objectiveto make EPF statement easily accessible to employees

Check Your EPF Statement Online in India

Follow the steps below to check your EPF statement online in India

Open the EPFO Portal and register

  • Check out the EPFO’s official webpage at
  • Select the tab marked “For Employees.”
  • Navigate to the “Services” tab and select “Member UAN/Online Services”.
  • After that, you’ll be taken to the UAN Member Portal. If you haven’t registered your UAN yet, click “Activate UAN.”

Make Your Universal Account Number (UAN) active

  • Put in your member ID, cellphone number, and UAN.
  • To obtain an authorization pin, click.
  • An OTP (one-time password) will be sent to the registered mobile number. After entering the OTP, select “Submit.”
  • After the OTP has been validated, finish the registration procedure by setting a password for your UAN account.

Open the UAN Member Portal and log in

  • Return to the UAN Member Portal once your UAN has been officially registered.
  • Input the captcha code, password, and your UAN.
  • To access your account, click “Sign In.”

Get Your EPF Statement

  • You can access several EPF account-related options on the dashboard.
  • Select “View” from the “Passbook” menu.
  • Your employer’s contributions, interest earned, and contribution information will all be detailed in your EPF statement, commonly referred to as the passbook.

New EPFO Rules 

Examining and downloading the statement from the EPF

  • To see the specifics of your contributions for a certain fiscal year, you can choose that year.
  • Click the “Download” button to obtain the statement. The formats that you can select from are Excel and PDF.

Comprehending the EPF Disclosure

  • A thorough summary of your interest earnings and contributions can be found on your EPF statement.
  • You’re opening and closing balances for the chosen fiscal year will be shown. The contributions made by your employer and the interest that the EPFO has credited are also visible to you.
How to maximise your workers’ provident fund

The Employees’ Provident Fund serves as a reliable source of income after retirement, making it a great choice for investments. It provides you with tax exemption, low risk, and a favorable interest rate in addition to financial stability. Additionally, you have the option to download the EPF statement or perform a routine online check of your account balance and statement. You can better manage your finances in this way. Here are some other strategies to optimize your Employee’s Provident Fund.

  • More than 12% of your pay can be contributed to the employee’s provident fund account if you want to participate in a voluntary provident fund. More so than with an ESP, this will assist you in building a healthy retirement corpus. Consequently, it turns out that purchasing VPF is a wiser choice.
  • After retirement, it would be ideal to take your Employees Provident Fund amount out. because you may be able to get large returns by making larger monthly contributions.
    Employees are responsible for making sure the provident fund is transferred when they move jobs. Ensuring money moves from the former employer’s account to the new employer’s account is your responsibility. To stay on top of your money, you can download or view your EPF statement online.
  • Obtaining your Universal Account Number is a necessity. It makes it easier to move employee provident funds from more established organizations to new ones.
Is it free to check my EPF statement?

Yes, it is free for you to view your EPF statement.

What is a voluntary provident fund about?

Employees may donate more to the voluntary provident fund than the minimum 12 percent needed for provident fund contributions, it is indicated under the ‘Voluntary Provident Fund’ column. Individual voluntary gifts made by employees are displayed. It is important to keep in mind that the employer is not obligated to match the VPF payment. Hence, a number may not be sent.

What is the statement for the EPF account?

The EPF statement or passbook will break down the monthly contributions made by the employer and employee in rupees. The sum allotted to the Employees’ Pension Scheme, or EPS, is also mentioned separately in the declaration.

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