Check Name in Voter List for Lok Sabha Elections 2024 – Full Guide

Check Name in Voter List:- The Indian Election Commission’s official website now features the voter list for 2024. You can now easily check your name on the voter’s list without having to visit a booth with your ID proof or other relevant documents thanks to the online system’s ease of use. This needs to be completed at least ten days before the elections to guarantee that any mistakes be fixed as soon as feasible. Once voting is scheduled to commence, no modifications are allowed. Read the article below to know more about Check Name in Voter List

Check Name in Voter List 2024

Check Name in Voter List 2024

One of the most frequent charges leveled against India’s youth is their alleged failure to use their right to vote. Even after reaching the voting age, the younger generation in our nation typically does not possess a legal voter ID card. In India, one is unable to cast a ballot in any election without a valid voter ID card. Voting is the first step towards creating a just government if one desires one.

Electoral Roll Name Search Details in Highlights

NameCheck Name in Voter List
Issued byElection Commission of India

How to check whether your name is on the voter list?

It is easy to find out if your name is on the voter list by doing an online search. The following describes the exact process to see if your name appears on the voter list:

  • Go to the National Voters’ Service Portal’s official website.
  • Select ‘Search in Electoral Roll’ by clicking.
  • Using one of the methods listed below, you can determine whether your name is on the voter list on the next page;
    • Search by Details
    • Search by EPIC number
  • If you choose the ‘Search by Details’ option, you will be required to input your name, the name of your father or spouse, your age or birthdate, your gender, the state, the district, the assembly constituency, and the code. Press the “Search” button.
  • If you choose the ‘Search by EPIC No.’ option, you will be required to input the state, code, and EPIC No. Press the “Search” button.
  • In addition to the alternatives listed above, there is now the ‘Locate on Map’ option. It is possible to look up your name on the list.

Use the Helpline Number to Check Name in Voter List

If you would like to check your name on your voter’s card, you can also contact the helpline number of the Election Commission of India. The procedures to look up your name and phone number on the voter list are as follows:

  • On your phone, dial 1950.
  •  You will be prompted to select your preferred language with an interactive voice response. To finish the remaining steps, adhere to the directions.
  • Choose the option for voter ID status. You may also need to supply your EPIC number or reference, so keep this document close to hand.

Use SMS to Check Name in Voter List

There are more options available in case you are unable to access the NVSP website. To use an SMS to verify your name is on the voter list, simply follow the instructions below.

  • Send 1950 the message you typed below.
  • ECI <space> <your EPIC No>
  • Your name, EPIC number, and other information from the voter list will all be displayed in an automatically created text message that you will receive.
Objective of Checking Name in Voter List

The Election Commission of India periodically updates the voter’s list. If there are any inconsistencies, your information is eliminated from the voter list. The following are some of the explanations for why the Indian Electoral Commission may strike a name from the voter list:

  • Change of address
  • Incorrect particulars
  • Fake details
  • Death of the individual

You cannot cast a ballot if an error causes your name to be removed from the voter’s list. You must check the list frequently as a result. Additionally, you must confirm whether or not your name is on the voter’s list if you recently applied to have it added. You cannot cast a ballot if your name is not listed. You must verify your name on the voter list as a result.

The Indian Election Commission is working around the clock to make sure that everyone who is eligible to vote can. But it’s possible that unanticipated mistakes led to the removal of your name from the list. It is crucial to make sure your name appears on this list as a result. You can get in touch with the Electoral Officer to get your name corrected if it was accidentally left off the list.

How Can I Download the Voter List ?

To download the voter list, follow the instructions listed below.

  • Go to the Election Commission of India’s website.
  • Select the ‘PDF Electoral Roll’ option located on the page’s side.
  • After selecting the link, a page with a link to the state’s whole electoral roll will load. Select the state in which you currently hold voter registration.
  • You will get a list of the state’s districts after selecting the state in which you now reside. Select the district where you live.
  • You will see a list of AC names on the page after clicking on the district name. To cast your vote, click the name of the AC where you are enrolled.
  • After that, a list of the polling places that are a part of that AC will appear. Next to your polling place, choose the “Draft Roll” option.
  • You ought to be able to download voter ID and view the voting list.

State Wise Voter List

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