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Chakshu Portal:- As part of the Sanchar Sathi project, the government introduced the Chakshu portal on the 4th of March 2024 as a significant countermeasure against cyber fraud. The Chakshu portal, which is a component of the Sanchar Saathi project, allows citizens to submit suspected fraudulent messages meant to trick telecom service users. Fraudulent communications about bank accounts, payment wallets, SIM cards, and the identity of family members or government representatives are a few examples. Read the article below to learn more about the Chakshu Portal

What is Chakshu Portal ?

What is Chakshu Portal ?

An important step towards protecting each citizen’s digital assets is the introduction of the Chakshu Platform. It is anticipated that this tool will successfully stop fraud and communication system abuse. The new platforms will be integrated with the Sanchar Saathi portal to facilitate the timely exchange of intelligence among stakeholders. By taking these steps, citizens have been able to freeze Rs 1,008 crore in bank accounts related to illicit transactions and save about Rs 1,000 crore over the last nine months. Subscribers can report occurrences of leaking cellphone numbers through the Chakshu portal, and wrongdoers will be subject to the appropriate punishment promised.


Chakshu Portal Details in Highlights

Name of the schemeChakshu Portal
Launched byIndian Government
Launched on4th of March 2024
DepartmentDepartment of Telecom
Objectiveto counter cyber-security threats
BeneficiariesIndian citizens
Benefithelps in reporting any telecommunication-related crimes through wallet payment, gas connection, and also extortion-related crimes

Objectives of Chakshu Portal

The portal’s goal is to give users the ability to report calls and messages they believe to be fraudulent as well as cases when companies have disclosed their phone numbers. To prevent fraud, the Department of Telecom has established the DIP, which will make it easier to share information with banks, other financial institutions, and law enforcement.

Sanchar Saathi Portal

Benefits of Chakshu Portal

Following are the benefits of the Chakshu Portal.

  • To prevent fraud, the Department of Telecom has established the DIP, which will make it easier to share information with banks, other financial institutions, and law enforcement.
  • It is anticipated that the Digital Intelligence Platform’s and Chakshu’s joint efforts would improve cyberfraud identification and prevention.
  • The submitted numbers will be thoroughly investigated, and appropriate action will be taken. The Reserve Bank of India and other financial institutions are collaborating closely with the ministry to retrieve money and block accounts linked to illegal activities.
  • In addition, over the past nine months, 1.7 million mobile numbers—mostly associated with fraudulent activity—have been blocklisted.
  • Anyone suspicious of financial fraud, cybercrime, or impersonation can report it via the Sanchar Saathi portal.

How to Report Fraud and Spam Calls Using the Chakshu Portal?

Follow the steps below to report fraud and spam calls using the Chakshu portal.

  • Access the ‘Sanchar Saathi’ website by logging in at
  • From the list of “Citizen Centric Services,” choose “Chakshu.”
  • After reading the disclaimer and learning about how to use “Chakshu,” click “Continue for reporting.”
  • Provide information on the form, including the channel, kind, and date of the alleged fraudulent communication.
  • Complete personal information, confirm using OTP, and file the complaint.

Chakshu Portal: Things you can report on Sanchar Saathi Portal

There are various things you can report on the portal. Some of them are listed below.

  • Examine any cellphone connections that were made in their name, and report any that are unauthorized or superfluous.
  • When buying new or old mobile devices, make sure they are real.
  • Report missing or stolen cell phones so they can be tracked down and blocked.
  • Examine licensed wireline Internet service providers’ details.
  • Report inbound foreign calls where the caller ID shows Indian phone numbers.

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