Bharat Series (BH) Number Plate – How to Apply, Features, Fees

Bharat Series Number Plate:- The Bharat Series number plates were created by the Indian government to standardize the national car registration procedure. Owners of vehicles with this number are exempt from the requirement to transfer registration while moving from one state to another. The BH series number plate has changed the game and is the best option for people whose jobs frequently require them to move. In addition to streamlining the registration procedure, it eliminates duplicate number problems. Read the article below to know more about BH Series Number Plates.

Bharat Series Number Plate 2024

Bharat Series Number Plate 2024

The official launch of Bharat Number Plate or BH number plate took place in 2021. The BH number plate, saves people the trouble of having to re-register their cars when moving to a new state. Relocating to a different Indian state or city is simple to plan, but if you want to bring your car with you, you must reregister it in the new state or city. A passenger car may be driven for up to 12 months without having its registration transferred to a new state, according to the Motor Vehicles Act. The owner will be subject to fines and penalties if they do not transfer their registration to the new state after the full 12-month period.

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BH Series Number Plate Details in Highlights

NameBharat Series Number Plate
Launched in2021
Launched byIndian government
DepartmentMinistry of Road, Transport, and Highways
ObjectiveTo make car registration easier and more convenient for people who are constantly moving due to employment obligations

 Objective of Bharat Series Number Plate

The number plate was introduced with the primary goal of making car registration easier and more convenient for people who are constantly moving due to employment obligations. It makes it possible for professionals in the workforce with positions that can be transferred across borders without having to deal with the inconvenience of re-registering. To alter this situation, the Ministry of Road, Transport, and Highways (MoRTH) introduced the Bharat Series number plates nationwide in 2021. For those who drive and frequently relocate for work, the BH Number plate will be more convenient. They won’t have to worry about reregistering their car when they move to any part of India thanks to the BH Series number plate. Continue reading to learn more about India’s BH series number plates.

BH Series Number Plate Features

The following remarkable features are included with the Bharat number plate:

  • Only the non-transport vehicle is covered by it. The license plate is usable anywhere in the nation.
  • Owners with BH series number plates on non-transport vehicles can avoid having to reregister their cars when moving to a different state. This saves a great deal of time.
  • The BH series number plate facilitates easy identification of the vehicle’s owner by the authorities in the event of any disaster, such as theft or accident.

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Benefits of the BH Licence Plate

The benefits of the BH registration number plate are listed below.

  • Simplified Vehicle Registration: The main benefit of the BH number plate is the easier way to register a vehicle. When relocating to a new state or city, car owners, especially those who move frequently for employment, can avoid the trouble of having to re-register their automobiles. Time, energy, and paperwork are all saved.
  • Across the country Validity: The BH license plate is usable wherever in the nation. Without obtaining new licenses or reregistering, car owners can drive their registered automobiles anywhere in a state or union territory.
  • Cost Savings: Vehicle owners can avoid re-registration-related expenses by doing away with the necessity for it. Re-registration frequently entails hefty fees, taxes, and documentation requirements. These costs are decreased or eliminated when you use the BH number plate.
Eligibility Criteria for Bharat Series Number Plate

Before applying for BH Series Number Plate, make sure you fulfill all the eligibility criteria mentioned below:

  • State and Central Government employees
  • Defense sector
  • Bank employees
  • Administrative services
  • Private firm employees who have offices in more than four States or Union Territories.


  • The vehicle’s road tax payment needs to be settled.
  • A PUC (Pollution Under Control) certificate is required for the car

How can I get a Number Plate from the BH Series?

The licenced car dealer or the MORTH Vahan portal are the two places where you can apply for the BH series number plate.

  • The dealer will fill out Form 20 on your behalf on the Vahan site if you are using their services.
  • Form 60 must be submitted by private sector workers whose offices are located in more than four states or UTs. They must also present their job ID and employment ID.
  • The eligibility of the owner of the car will be examined by the state authorities. The “BH” kind is the one you must select.
  • When completing the application, select the “BH” series type. Proceed and turn in the required paperwork, including Form 60 and a copy of your official ID card.
    The BH series will be approved by the Regional Transport Office (RTO).
  • Ensure that the necessary payment and MV tax are cleared.
  • Following the successful completion of the stages, a random order is used to produce the BH series registration number.

Bharat Series Number Plate Charges

The cost of Bharat Series Number Plate varies according to the car’s pricing. The price of the Bharat series number is showcased in the table below.

Vehicle invoice costBH Series number plate cost (% of the vehicle invoice cost)
Vehicles cost less than ₹10 lakhs8%
Vehicle cost ₹10 to ₹20 lakhs10%
Vehicles cost more than ₹20 lakhs12%

Note: a 2% discount for electric vehicles and a 2% increased fee for diesel vehicles.

Owners of private vehicles are required to pay road tax every two years, or every four, six, or eight (multiples of 2).

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