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Assam Tractor Distribution Scheme:- In accordance with the Mukhyamantri Samagra Gram Unnayan Yojana, the government of the state of Assam has initiated the Assam Tractor Distribution Scheme 2024 for ranchers (CMSGUY). The primary focus of his tractor subsidy scheme is to revitalize the agricultural business sector and contribute to the increase of the farmers’ incomes by a factor of three by the year 2024. In the following article, we are going to supply you with information on the Assam Tractor Subsidy Scheme that was recently implemented. If you are interested in learning more about the scheme, make sure you read this article through to the conclusion and give it your full attention.

Assam Tractor Distribution Scheme

Assam Tractor Distribution Scheme 2024

Ranchers will want to get farm trucks from the state government at a sponsored cost under the Assam Tractor Subsidy Scheme, which is being officially dispatched in the state while officially dispatching the country’s greatest Tractor Subsidy Scheme in the state under the Mukhyamantri Samagra Gramya Unnayan Yojana. This will be significant for the Samagra Gram Unnayan Yojana, which is run by the Chief Minister. Alongside the expansion of the agribusiness sector in the state throughout 2024, the primary purpose of the scheme is to more than double the income of farmers and ranchers. Click to Check More About Assam Sakhi Express Scheme

The state government will pay for these tractors with public money, so farmers need to make sure they are used in the right way. The Agriculture Department will also set up a separate unit to give information to the recipients and keep an eye on what they do. The Agriculture Department of the Assam State Government wants regular updates from the Assam State Government on how the work is progressing for the people who would benefit from it. As part of this initiative, a farm transporter will be provided to one agricultural unit in each municipality that maintains consistent revenue. 

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CMSGUY Assam Tractor Distribution Scheme Details

Name of the schemeAssam Tractor Distribution Scheme.
Launched ByState Government of Assam 
Launched in the Year2022
BeneficiariesFarmer only
Model26000 villages
Registration ProcedureOnline
Investment CostRs. One Crore.
ObjectiveImprove the income of farmers
BenefitsSubsidy on tractors (70%)Maximum Subsidy 5.50 Lakh, Minimum Subsidy 3.84 Lakh
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Assam Tractor Scheme Objectives

The goal of the Assam Tractor Scheme is to improve rural infrastructure in order to raise the state’s agricultural output. Farmers will be able to rent tractors from the company, and it will be able to decide which brand and model will be used. Introducing this program involves two main components: providing tractors and other is that it is provided in such a way that farmers won’t be required to financially support those tractors. So subsidies are given and now farmers can also bring branded tractors for agricultural purposes.

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Assam Tractor Distribution Scheme Benefits

State farmers have benefited from the Tractor Subsidy Scheme. Providing cheap farm transportation encourages agricultural innovation. Benefits which come under this scheme are as

  • The biggest benefit of this scheme is providing a subsidy for tractors, which is around 70% of the tractor subsidy. Under the scheme, the maximum subsidy is 5.50 lakh and the minimum subsidy is 3.84 Lakh
  • Tractor accessories and equipment are also provided with the scheme.
  • While buying a tractor, a 20% bank loan can be given to an eligible beneficiary when buying a tractor.
  • 10% of the overall value goes to beneficiaries.
  • 5.5 lakhs are available in subsidies.
  • The Group of beneficiaries has to choose the tractor type and design. So basically, the choice depends on the user side.
  • The use of tractors on a rental basis should be mandatory for all farmers.

Tractor Distribution Scheme Assam Eligibilities

If you are an eligible citizen of Assam and are interested in purchasing a tractor, you will need to ensure that you meet all of the qualifying requirements listed below.

  • Applicants must be citizens of Assam State and farmers by profession.
  • Individuals are not eligible to participate in the Assam Tractor Scheme. A group of eight to ten people who all live in the same village and are adults in their profession can attain it.
  • For the group to be considered for the tractor program, they need to establish a joint bank account and submit their application with all of the members’ signatures, ideally in conjunction with the cultivation of land and crops.
  • It is not acceptable for the applicant group to have more than one member from the same family.
  • The applicant group should consist of no more than one individual per family.

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Assam Tractor Distribution Scheme Documents 

The following is a list of the documents that must be submitted in order to apply for the Assam Tractor Subsidy Scheme:

  • Aadhar Card as the identity card of all the applicants of a group.
  • residence certificate.
  • Pan Card.
  • Mobile Number

Assam Tractor Distribution Scheme Application Process

The stages that follow constitute the application process for the tractor subsidy scheme. They are as follows:

  • The applicant group must submit the application in the specified format to the District Agriculture Officer, who will then forward the application to the DLC.
  • Then, DLC will choose one qualifying group in each town with a waiting list of at least 10% of the entire cost of the tractor unit in the group’s bank account at the branch in question.
  • The DLC will make a binding decision on the applications and groups, and the Member Secretary will communicate the names of the chosen groups.
  • After that, the applicant organization will be able to submit the application to the District Agriculture Officer in the manner that has been established, and the District Agriculture Officer will subsequently send the application to the DLC.

Banks’ Collaboration Under This Scheme

The Department of Agriculture will sign a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with any banks that are interested in taking part in the program in order to streamline the process of opening group bank accounts, credit linkage, fund flow, monitoring, and other aspects of the program for the duration of the program.  The MOUs with financial institutions must contain these clauses: 

  • Participation in the program needs to be restricted to only the signatory financial institutions.
  • The banks are not allowed to charge any interest on loan amounts that are equivalent to the subsidy that is being released. These terms have to be included in the MOUs that are to be signed with various financial institutions.
  • Banks can’t charge interest on loans equal to the released subsidy.

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